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Barrow Mansion Barrow Mansion
83 Wayne Street
State Register of Historic Places, 1976
National Register of Historic Places, 1977

Built between 1835 and 1837 and reminiscent of the pre-Civil War South, this Greek Revival mansion is now without peer in Jersey City. Originally this was one of two twin great houses with a garden set between them. (The 1920's saw the demolition of the other member of the set, the Van Vorst Mansion.) A prosperous New York doctor, William Barrow, acquired the land from his brother-in-law, Cornelius Van Vorst.

Five two-story Ionic columns run along the front of the house. As the columns are evenly spaced, the front door is not in the center, but set off to the right. Among the interior's fine features are doors with mahogany panels, a fireplace of carved marble, and a magnificent mirror.

The Y.M.C.A. took over the building in the 1890s, adding a bowling alley and gym. Now, the Barrow Mansion's owner is Saint Matthews Church (1897, located next door in the space of the original garden); the current use is by community organizations.

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