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Grace Van Vorst Church
19 Erie Street
State and National Registers of Historic Places, 1979

Designed in the English Gothic style, this Episcopalian church stands in what once was the separate township of Van Vorst until it joined Jersey City in 1851. Erected between 1850 and 1853, the addition of the bell tower and two bays took place in 1913. The locally prominent Van Vorst family made a gift of the land. Of the many churches designed by the architect Detlef Lienau, this is the only one that still stands today.

Fourteen arches transfer the weight of the upper walls to a dozen octagonal columns of stone. Stenciled drawings based on figures from the Middle Ages emebelish the arches. Especially impressive are the stained glass windows and the decorative large iron hinges in the shape of flowers.

The marriage of Detlef Lienau to Catherine Van Geissen (related to the Van Vorst's) was the first service held here.

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